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The Daily Shame | October 9, 2015

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Russell Brand – actor, comedian…oh and critical theorist

Russell Brand – actor, comedian…oh and critical theorist

| On 01, Nov 2013

Hey everyone! Twitter’s alive with political arguments.  No change there then eh?  Except this time it’s because a comedian cum actor (stop sniggering at the back) stuck his neck out and with great articulation (and a bit of camp weirdness) informed the country of his concerns about our present and future government. How quaint!

You see, recently, Russell Brand was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman and sort of said a few things he really shouldn’t oughta on account of him being just a dumb actor and all.  That’s what everyone’s saying anyway.

Thing is…he actually made a lot of relevant points and considering he’s adored by so many teens and young adults I thought…way to go Russ, let’s get politics out in the open and feed it to the youngsters.  Anyway, it was all going great.


He told Paxman he’d never voted before in his life… <facepalm>

…and while he denied it was as a result of apathy he kind of unwittingly described it as such.  Telling people voting won’t change anything?  Hmmm…that sounds a lot like apathy to me. 

Oh Russell, Russell, Russell!  Why oh why did you tell the whole country they shouldn’t vote?!  By doing that you negated everything else you said during the WHOLE interview….apparently.

Or not…

…because what he actually did was give the media (and anyone who already can’t bear him) a stick to beat him with…and now were all supposed to run round shouting, “Hey everyone! Russell Brand’s never voted before, but he reckons he knows everything about politics! What a thick cunt!”.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

What he actually said was…while there are no credible alternatives to the already established political parties, voting will prove futile.  EU constraints alone mean none of them can devise the sorts of policies that would effect radical change.   So in a way he’s right.  BUT just for future reference, Russell, our kids need to get into the habit of voting. They need to be encouraged to take a good look at the alternative parties and bloody well pick one!

Okay, I didn’t want to bring Karl Marx into this as I know some people will be instantly turned off by the worry I’ll be talking about Marxism.  Obviously it’s a bad thing…like sexism, racism and any other word that has –ism on the end of it.

Anyway…we simply can’t be wasting our time with Karl because all he ever did was whine on and on about the lower classes being progressively oppressed by the upper classes while the whole affair is passed off as just a very unfortunate situation and not pre-planned in the slightest.  See…we wouldn’t relate to that now would we? <rolls eyes>

He also speculated on the prospect of a society where profits from the labours of the working classes would be creamed off and accumulated by those in power, thus creating undeserved wealth higher up the food chain, so to speak.  I can’t see that happening, can you? <shakes head>

Come on now…we all know our taxes are supposed to pay towards adequate health care, benefits and anything else we need to be able to live a decent life.  Clement Attlee said so and my nan loved him, so that’s good enough for me.   We also know it’s only fair the people in government who administrate the receipt of taxes and distribution of said services be paid a fair wage.

Well it’s not fair…and just as good old Karl with his big fat bulging –ism said, we are all being oppressed by the upper classes and brainwashed into thinking this is just the way things are.  No need to vote, ‘cos we’ll just end up with a different set of extortionists who exist purely to get rich at our expense.  Sound familiar?

I personally think one of the most important things Marxism taught us was that language is a key factor in communicating to the lower classes the reasons WHY they are suffering and HOW they can change things.


Because without a basic understanding of even the simplest terms relating to our government and how it operates, many will just accept it’s their fate to live out the rest of their lives complying with rules and regulations that only serve to keep them down.

So…what can we do to change things?

Well…unfortunately Karl Marx and his –ism isn’t around anymore, so we can’t ask him anything and not many of our precious little ones will be keen to trawl through even the tiniest scrap of information about him on the countless internet pages that only make things worse by using big words and talking about philosophy and critical theory all the time.

…and anyway, he’s got an –ism.

Yes, Karl, we were all starting to warm to you until we remembered your –ism!  Sorry, but we just can’t bring ourselves to compare your research to our plight, because it will make us all Marxists and that sounds really bad and, to be honest, we don’t actually understand what it is you were trying to tell us because we’re not educated enough to read anything more technical than a TV guide.

Which brings me back to good old Russell Brand who hasn’t got an –ism at all (yet).  Maybe an –asm, but that’s his own personal business.

You see, what he did was to open up politics to young people everywhere with his flamboyant behaviour towards Jeremy Paxman.   That interview went viral and kids everywhere were sharing it like demons on every social network they could lay their frantic little fingers and thumbs on.  Incidentally, note how Paxman spent more time leaning back and listening than leaning forward to spit harsh responses into Russell’s face. 

So maybe I’m not so chuffed about Russell telling everyone voting is useless and…yeah…some people might have taken him more seriously if he’d behaved a little more sensibly and not like the unkempt eccentric he can’t help being.  But why should he have to pretend to be something he’s not just to make us feel more comfortable about believing what he says?

AND…anyone who can make our kids think it’s cool to circulate the truth about the government’s plans and how they might help each other to fight back can only be commended…surely.

Think on this…

My kids only know who Michael Gove is and why the education system is so fucked up through reading my articles.  Most of their friends know nothing about him or any other politician…or even want to!

In case anyone’s forgotten…Michael Gove is currently continuing to dismantle our education system to the point it will bring about the process of dumbing down in future generations…thus producing a nation of peasants who THINK they’ve been educated to a standard that affords them the ability to understand politics and how it affects them, but actually haven’t. 

These kids are future voters and Russell Brand wasn’t just philosophizing in that interview or being smug about knowing what the government are up to.  We can ALL do that…and Twitter and Facebook are a prime example of our collective eagerness to show off the fact we all KNOW what’s going on.  Give each other a round of applause…we’ve solved nothing!

No…he risked being globally slagged off for being completely truthful about his own political beliefs, while attempting to apply critical theory to the unfortunate situation this country’s in.  In other words, he set out the problems the lower classes are facing, gave the reasons why and suggested a solution.

What’s more he used a language that appealed to a younger and/or less politically aware audience.

Yes!  That word again!  LANGUAGE!  He communicated important and relevant issues in a way not only adults could understand, but more importantly in a way kids were more than happy to take notice of.

Marxism?  Brandism?   Who cares…because young people all over the country learned more about the government’s plans for their futures in just those ten minutes than they would ever have bothered finding out for themselves.

Hey…they even know who Jeremy Paxman is now!

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