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The Daily Shame | August 31, 2015

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Let’s bomb Syria, there’s money involved (coincidentally)

Let’s bomb Syria, there’s money involved (coincidentally)

We love a good war, we do. For a small country, we really do like to bomb a lot of bigger ones. It seems we’ve been waiting for the opportunity to go bomb Syria, and now we’ve got one.

Syria’s a complex mess. If we help the rebels, we’d be helping Al Qaeda, apparently. We don’t know what the repercussions would be if we attacked – and we don’t have a particularly good record of hitting the right targets, do we.

But then (it is alleged), the Syrian government attacked their own people with Sarin gas. We haven’t seen the proof yet, but then again, our governments have a history of wafer-thin ‘proof’. And when I say ‘wafer-thin’, that’s a euphemism for ‘made-up’.

Coincidence theorists would love the fact that the Daily Mail had to take down an article dating back from January that “revealed” leaked emails about a Washington-backed chemical attack in Syria to be blamed on the Syrian government.

Just a coincidence, mind you. Not a nice coincidence, but still, a coincidence that flags up how ‘handy’ this chemical attack might be for our warmongering governments, who have been waiting for a ‘red line’ to cross.

Coincidence theorists might also appreciate the fact that we’re talking about using cruise missiles. Cruise missiles that, according to various sources, cost somewhere between £500,000 and $1,410,000 each.

Cruise missiles that are manufactured by Raytheon Corp in the US, and MBDA Systems here in the UK.

Yes, that’s Raytheon Corp, who are happy to donate to WHOMEVER is in power - and MBDA Systems, who took a little trip with David Cameron not so long ago on a plane. Drumming up business, no doubt. Or, alternatively, just having a jolly. Either.

More coincidences, however. Nothing to do with the mad, chest-beating rush towards bombing another country at the first available opportunity that would convince the UN to allow us to go bombin’.

All of which might explain why the Conservative Party are so furious at Ed Miliband – a man they’ve briefed the Times newspaper as being a “Fucking Cunt“. Yes, because once more, Mr Miliband has stepped in the way of the Conservative Party’s friends from making some money by selling cruise missiles and bombing another country. Yes, Mr Miliband, and parliament, and the majority of the country are against bombing Syria.

Perhaps, in that case, we’re mostly fucking cunts, in the eyes of Cameron, Obama, and the cruise missile manufacturers, for wanting the UN to think of alternative solutions to getting involved in another Middle East bloodbath that could have unknown repercussions in neighbouring countries and around the world. Tony Blair’s backing it, which is potentially the most convincing argument to stay out.

But then again, there’s cruise missiles to be sold. Bomb, bomb, bomb.


  1. KFR

    come on , Afghanistan and Irak are still $ 1 trillion off,no way to balance the account, takes simply too much time and effort to educate politicians ,Plebs & Prols as Obama ‘s scubbs where Syria is and there is nothing but dunes and sands to cashin on ,

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