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The Daily Shame | October 7, 2015

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Michael Gove fears ballet class may give daughter weight issues – still allows primary schools to label our kids obese.

Michael Gove fears ballet class may give daughter weight issues – still allows primary schools to label our kids obese.

| On 29, Jun 2013

Michael Gove has taken his daughter out of ballet school because he’s worried they’re drawing attention to her weight.  I don’t blame him.  We really can’t have our children being singled out for being overweight and looking fat in a tutu…which I’m very sure his little treasure doesn’t!

Being the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove is fully aware of how important it is to help children to feel good about themselves so they grow into confident and successful teenagers.

Yes…so this is why in UK primary schools everywhere our little darlings are weighed, measured and qualified into different weight categories.  


No way!  That can’t be right. 

Yes it is and I remember very well the day I received a letter from my young daughter’s primary school telling me she was obese.  Oh yeah…my daughter was obese…fat as hell and I was sent a letter telling me as much.  However, not only was my own daughter obese, but quite a few other parents were found to be nurturing obese children too!

Outrageously, parents of these fat kids were targeted with letters confirming said obesity and advised to be more careful with their child’s diet.  They were also encouraged to discuss dieting with them so they could understand how important it is to eat less and basically not be fat.

Don’t be fooled by this NHS page which states your letter will let you know if your child is ‘overweight’ or otherwise.  Check the comments section below.  The word ‘obese’ is used…frequently.

So…here we have young primary school children being told they need to go on a diet by parents who, quite frankly, don’t even think they’re fat anyway.

Incredibly, according to the National Child Measurement Programme, even very sporty youngsters who regularly play team sports or are members of a gymnastics club etc. can be categorized as obese.  They are as fit as fiddles, yet classified as overweight and in need of a diet!  Not a single reference is made to each child’s day-to-day activities or genetic history.  Muscle weighs heavier than fat.  Anyone think of that?

Even more incredible is the programme’s eagerness to insist that being thin equates to being healthy.  Even kids who are under a GP for being underweight are documented as being a perfectly healthy weight and the parents of thin and sickly-looking children are commended for their good parenting skills with regard to diet.

More stupidly, girls of 10 or 11 who are obviously more developed than some of their friends are weighed and measured in exactly the same way as every other girl of the same age. 

As every parent knows, children develop at different rates and many children are tall and skinny one minute, then fill out and become a bit chubby the next.  We don’t worry too much because very often they’ll shoot up again to regain their lanky proportions.

Let’s face it…if Education Secretary, Mr Gove, doesn’t think his daughter should be concerned with her weight when so young, maybe we should all take our children out of primary school…because they are not only being weighed and measured there, but encouraged to diet at a ridiculously young age. Remember, these are primary school children we’re talking about…they haven’t even finished growing properly yet and we’re already putting them into weight categories and talking about diets!?

Yes…the obviously obese kids need a bit of sensitive support, but leave the rest alone.

Here’s a thought.  How about targeting the parents of the skinny kids with dark circles under their eyes who are allowed to roam the streets into the early hours, smoking and drinking alcohol.  Ironically, the local primary school kids who do exactly that were given a thumbs-up from the school for eating so healthily. Mind you…they’re obviously getting a good amount of exercise, what with being out all the time.

The statistics gleaned each year from the National Child Measurement Programme are so poorly obtained, how can anybody take them seriously?  Furthermore, it’s actually possible to opt out of the programme completely!  So if enough parents opt out, those statistics will be even less accurate.

Incidentally, my daughter was weighed and measured on ‘Victorian Day’ and the children were all told they were being weighed because that’s what happened to children in Victorian schools.  I did not give my permission and she had no idea of the purpose of the results.

To conclude…my young so-called fat daughter is now a couple of years older and has acquired the longest skinniest legs I’ve ever seen.  I did not discuss a diet with her and still maintain she is NOT AND NEVER WAS OBESE!


  1. Jasp

    Body Mass Index is stupid. I went to the doctor’s the other day and he told me I was “clinically obese” based on weight-to-height ratio.
    I’m pretty damn heavy, but also pretty damn tall and pretty damn broad: I could easily play rugby, and I’m not lacking in the muscle department. I’d be the first to admit I’m not the thinnest cocktail stick in the box, but “clinically obese”?

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