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The Daily Shame | October 9, 2015

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Man pushes pig to counter NHS media blackout

Man pushes pig to counter NHS media blackout

Hello news people. We know that you read the Daily Shame – we’ve seen your IP addresses! Kisses! Hugs!

We were just wondering – why are you not covering this whole “NHS Privatisation” thing that’s going on. You know, the NHS privatisation that’s happening now and that nobody voted for or wants.

And why are you not covering the man pushing a pig to Downing Street?

Wossat you say… well, in protest at David Cameron’s decision to sell the NHS to his friends (or, if we may put it more bluntly, to divert taxpayer money into the pockets of his mates and colleagues), Artist Taxi Driver, Mark, has protested by pushing a pig down the pavement all the way to Dave’s doorstep.

Never mind us. Let’s just watch it live, while it’s happening:

So – why aren’t you covering it? Are you going to profit as well? Daily Mail, you don’t need to answer that one.

Just asking…

For more information on Mark and his protest, visit the Where’s Daddy’s Pig page here… or watch this:

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