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The Daily Shame | August 28, 2015

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Kent Tories cutting services to the elderly and disabled by £18.5 million – but still want your votes!

Kent Tories cutting services to the elderly and disabled by £18.5 million – but still want your votes!

| On 22, Apr 2013

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard people say, “Doesn’t matter who gets in, nothing will change”. 


If you’re talking about the three major parties in higher government, you could be right…but only because they’re all currently working under EU restraints.  Whatever their own ideas are on running the country, the same EU policies we’ve grown to hate, will remain unchanged.  At present it’s out of their hands.  If we leave the EU…maybe…but then we lose other benefits the EU can provide.  It’s not as simple as it seems.


But…forget all that for now…let’s all skip round merrily!


Okay…stop that now…let’s talk about the 2013 County Council elections, because on 2 May UK tax-payers everywhere are going to vote for who they want to look after their money and their county and, in this case, yes it does matter who gets in.


That’s right…all over the UK Tories and Lib-Dems have been doing a few minutes work to try to ensure they get votes. It couldn’t be more like an episode of ‘This is Your Life’ if it tried.


”You haven’t seen these people for four years, but they’re here today to try to get you to vote for them with big words, posters and leaflets.”


Let’s not forget the token snap of themselves with the cleanest-looking peasant they can bear to stand next to for the millisecond it takes for a shutter to click.


In most cases we’re now dealing with district councils who, let’s face it, are really pushing their luck where our council taxes and business rates are concerned.   I don’t know if any of these councillors actually realize what their role is, but I’ll remind them, and everyone else…just one more time…




Not too difficult to understand, I thought.


Who still doesn’t understand it?  I see…it’s just the councillors again, is it?


To be fair to them…they’re under a lot of strain. Those allowances don’t earn themselves, you know…and it must be really irritating to have to top up their fuel tanks over and over again and THEN fill out countless expense forms to claim it all back from our wallets.  Bless their little silk socks…that we probably paid for.  Let’s buy them a ‘business’ lunch to make up for it!  Aww.


Personally, I can’t wait to cast my vote.  The town I live in is regressing fast and everything we ask for is rudely ignored. I guess there are more worthwhile projects elsewhere.


If you feel the same, wherever you are then maybe it’s time to forget all that misguided loyalty to vote Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat just because it’s what you’ve always done or what your mum and dad did.  Don’t look at David Cameron’s face and think…aww…he’s so beautiful, I NEED to keep him on TV.  Be strong.




Take a look at what’s going on up and down the country:

  • Local businesses pushed to the brink of bankruptcy due to parking meters deterring shoppers from high streets
  • Public amenities left to decay without a thought of updating them to a more inviting standard
  • Cuts being made in local services
  • Streetlights turned off to save electricity
  • Roads crumbling away to reveal potholes which cause car damage and, more importantly, physical harm
  • Cemeteries full to capacity, with no plans to prepare new ground
  •  Inadequate local transport cutting people off from bigger towns
  • Vast sums of money earmarked to help town centres being banked and spent elsewhere
  • Local businesses and residents being treated like they have no right to request better services and support


These are just a few local issues that are prevalent across the country and which indicate our council taxes are not being spent back into the towns from whence they came


Let’s use Kent County Council as an example to see if we can clarify the situation.


Here’s a council which employs top quality executives at great expense to us and, apparently, they’re paid so highly because Kent is such a big place and needs really clever and, therefore, highly-paid people to look after it.


Obviously, being the thick peasant they assume me to be, I believe crap like this, because explaining it all in a smug and condescending manner means it’s completely true.  <rolls eyes>


The thing is…I would just about be able to forgive their intellectual bullying if I didn’t already know Kent County Council can’t make important decisions without using pricey consultancy agencies.


You see, only recently they hired consultants to assess whether they need to hire consultants.


Hang on…that sounds a bit mad…try again…


Kent County Council hired a consultancy agency called Newton Europe to assess whether they need to hire a consultancy agency…


…called Newton Europe.


Now that IS mad.  They actually recommended themselves.  I wonder if anybody saw THAT coming!  Moreover, I wonder what Newton Europe is being paid to assess.  It must be something pretty important.


Let’s find out, shall we?


I’ve been reading Kent Online and as always Political Editor, Paul Francis has done a grand job of hanging out all the dirty washing we could possibly wish for.


You see, with less than two weeks to go before people all over the country are expected to vote, the Tory-led Kent County Council has decided to announce cuts of £18.5 million to their Family and Social Care budget…and guess where the cuts are being made…


That’s right!  Local services for the elderly and disabled!  Bingo!

Why waste time and money on disabled people? They’re useless unless they’re working and if they’re not working, why not?  If they can fill out a claim form, they can use a pen and get a job writing or drawing.  Lazy bastards.

Plus…all those non-tax-paying elderly people are just draining all our money away, aren’t they?  They need to be punished.  That’s right…thanks for working your lives away to pay into the welfare system so you can have free healthcare for life (yes that’s what Clem Attlee promised them), but fuck off now, you’re boring, useless and expensive.

Sadly, Clem’s gone and all we have now is the bile-inducing ‘Clameron’ bromance and the systematic dismantling of the Welfare Service he worked so hard to create.

I think politicians forget we ALL pay into the welfare system to ensure we ALL benefit.  We’re happy to do it…it’s called being nice.

Councillor Graham Gibbens, Conservative cabinet member for adult care, had this to say on the subject:

“We are looking at a complex transformation in adult care and doing things differently across the whole range of services. We are not talking about cuts.”

Oh behave yourself, of course you are…and, not only are you making £18.5 million worth of cuts, you’re hiring consultants to the tune of £5.4 million to tell you where to make them!

Complex transformation?  What are you on?

In case you didn’t quite catch the figure I just quoted…it was £5.4 million…and I’m sorry, but authorizing an outlay of that size purely to seek advice on how to save £18.5 million elsewhere just takes the piss.


Kent Labour representatives and locals alike are literally fuming over this.  It’s bad enough Kent towns are seeing very little of the money they pay into local government, they have incompetent Tory-appointed executives who need very expensive help to do jobs they should already be proficient at.


Get this!  Twelve consultants employed by Kent County Council will be earning £200,000 per year EACH!  That’s more than previous Chief Executive, Katherine Kerswell, was paid.  As it is, local and district councillors only get paid an allowance to carry out their duties.  Even with expenses, it doesn’t bring them anywhere near the kind of money these consultants are being paid.


All over the country county councils are bringing in consultants to assess all aspects of their function.  Are they thick?  Surely, if they can’t think for themselves, what is the point of them?  We don’t want thick people looking after our money!  Thick people do stupid things like invest millions in dodgy Icelandic banks!


It seems they need consultants for everything these days…and it’s not just the Tory –led councils who are at it either.  They’re all treating themselves to a cheeky bit of consultancy here and there.


Did you know consultants are actually being brought in to coach and support council employees so they can do their jobs properly?  Apparently, it’s so we…the tax-payers…can be reassured we’re getting the best possible return for our money.  Thanks for that, but how about employing people who can do their jobs properly in the first place?


Maybe they need a team of consultants to help them assess if they’re actually competent enough to do their jobs or not.  I’ll do it…and I’ll tell you the answer right now.


NO! <——- This answer just cost the tax-payer nothing.  Just saying.


What on Earth are they receiving coaching for?  If it’s for positive social interaction, I can guarantee the Kent Shepway Tories haven’t had any.  Their communication skills with members of the Labour party is woefully shameful and their interaction with the general public is practically non-existent.


Tax-payers are becoming increasingly sick of handing over money for no other reason than to pay council executives to sit back and earn an undeserved wage, while they pay accountants and consultants to find ways of keeping our taxes and business rates flowing into their pockets.


Look around you.  Are you sick of bringing your kids up in a time warp, with poor local services, which are being mercilessly cut back so greedy council toffs can live the high life at your expense?  I know I am!


Councils everywhere are making an absolute mockery of the system we pay them to implement…and fools of us in the process.  Voting at county council level is a big decision.  So please let’s vote sensibly to make it the right one…because we’re not fools.



  1. Jasp

    I met a bloke once who was paid – not earned, WAS PAID – about three hundred grand per month by a London council of some form to… find ways of saving money.

    … uh.

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