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The Daily Shame | October 8, 2015

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Fox celebrates International Women’s Day with pictures of boobs

Fox celebrates International Women’s Day with pictures of boobs

I don’t know about you, but when it was International Women’s Day last week, I felt a little left out. Meh, depends whether you’re a BROAD or not doesn’t it, and your Dear DS ain’t no broad.

So basically, women everywhere were yacking on about how they’re WOMEN and stuff, and how some of them are repressed, depressed, harassed, abused, and so on and so on and so on, you know, like they do. And us men were like “huh well, at least you have your own INTERNATIONAL DAY so just put up and shut up” and we swilled the last of our lager, belched loudly and wiped the crisps off our t-shirts.

For that is what we do.

But we’re not bitter. Sure, we have our own MAN’S DAY whenever that is, we don’t know, we’re not that bothered about it. What we really wanted to celebrate is women’s day, but you wouldn’t let us. No, as always it was all about you, you and you.

“We’re women, let us celebrate it” you shouted and we said “but we want to celebrate women too” and you metaphorically whacked us around the head with your handbags saying “no this is our day” and you probably had mascara streaming down your face while you did it. Yeah. The spirit of the Spice Girls lives on eh.

So thank the LORD that someone at Fox News knew how to celebrate women’s day in a manner befitting beer-swilling men all round the world. Fellas, get your solo-jiggy on, as you’re in for a treat…

Fox News later apologised for the “file footage error”. What error? You were showing pictures of knockers because knockers are the TWO THINGS that separate men from women. Yeah? I don’t know. I don’t get out much. Probably because Fox News are celebrating women’s day with pictures of their tits jiggling up and down.

You can just imagine the Brads and the Chads in the editing department, fresh out of university expulsion, giggling like teenage girls in between lighting their farts and seeing who can fit his willy into a beer can, putting together these boobie clips for women’s day because it’s just like when you do a piece on fat people, you show their fat waists, don’t you. You can shame all fat people like that.

Now we’re celebrating the empowerment of women in Connecticut (of all places) by ogling their knockers. Fellas, wipe the crisps from your t-shirts, this is a women’s day you can really celebrate.

Thanks to Wonkette, our favourite US site, for the heads up

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