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The Daily Shame | August 30, 2015

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Vicious Mumsnetters savage poor, unsuspecting Daily Mail journalist over NHS

Vicious Mumsnetters savage poor, unsuspecting Daily Mail journalist over NHS

Oh Mumsnet, Mumsnet, Mumsnet. What are we to do with you? First of all you string up Gordon Brown by the goolies because he couldn’t tell you what his favourite biscuit was, then you declared independence from the internet and garrotted David Cameron with a pair of Boden tights. And now you’re savaging some poor Daily Mail journalist who came to you asking for NHS scare stories so that she could appease her editor who really really wants the NHS to stop forever.

That poor Zoe Brennan, all she wanted was an excuse to smear GPs for sending kids to A&E unnecessarily. All she wanted was a story to back up the government’s closing of A&E units around the country because, let’s face it, nobody needs them anyway and they’re costing money. That’s all she was after.

And she went asking Mumsnet, well that was a mistake wasn’t it. I mean, you might as well ask the Russian Mafia for tales of “bodies in the boot”. These Boden-clad activists leapt upon the poor, unsuspecting journalist, who only had goodness in her heart, and ripped her to shreds.

Zoe Brennan must be weeping into her latte right now, she really must. VivaLeBeaver took time out from, I don’t know, baking organic carrot cake or something, to rip into poor Zoe:

Why don’t you write an article you could actually be proud of Zoe? A proper piece of investigative journalism rather than all the drivel of cheap shot crap stories in the link below.

PetiteRaleuse took time out from leafing through her Boden catalogue, probably, to launch a broadside against Zoe, accusing her of some kind of BIAS:

Sorry but even the way you have asked your question is skewed to make us think negatively of the NHS. How many lives have GPs saved by sending babies to A&E because they aren’t sure what to do? Happy to wait 6 hours if a little life is saved.

Obviously PetiteRaleuse is some kind of COMMIE because she’s happy to send babies to accident and emergency units if they’re feeling sick, because it might save LIVES. But what about saving money, PetiteRaleuse? Huh? What about saving money? Oh no, you didn’t think of that, did you. We could save some money instead of lives, which is what Zoe’s trying to get at but you’re having NONE OF THAT.

Saintlyjimjams took time out from, I don’t know, knitting a banana loaf or something, to wonder out loud whether the government is behind this:

Is the Daily Mail being sponsored by the govt for this?

Ceramicunicorn twisted the knife into poor, unsuspecting Zoe by asking:

Zoe I know it’s tough to find work, but surely you’re better than this? Do your parents know you work for the Daily Mail? 

Of course, Ceramicunicorn hasn’t thought this through – poor Zoe has NOT told her parents that she’s working for the Daily Mail, because it would be too embarrassing. Obviously Zoe Brennan has told her parents that she’s doing something less offensive than working for the Daily Mail, such as, god, I don’t know, eating small children for breakfast or murdering the Pope or something. Perhaps she’s told them “Mum, Dad, I work for the tax avoidance department of Barclays” because that would be less horrible than admitting she works for the propaganda department of the government.

Mumsnet, you Boden-balaclava-clad, carrot-cake-baking activists, you’ve made a journalist cry.

And we love you for it.


  1. Moi

    Very funny summary. No Boden catalogue here though, thank you very much.

  2. Cam

    Mumsnet are nothing more than bullies, every single time. Ironic considering every single one of them approaches the messageboard with a sense of smug, elitist and entitled outrage.

    No wonder kids are so vicious to each other these days, with highly personal passive-aggressive jabs being thrown left right and centre by the people who are supposed to lead by example.

    And then people wonder where this whole ‘you wouldn’t know, you don’t have children’ image comes from. More than a myth, clearly.

  3. Lou

    Cam – I never liked Mumsnet either however I have to say that on this I am cheering them on.

    The NHS is something we should be proud to have – and if we’re not careful we will lose it. Especially when dirge like the Daily Mail continue to bash it and our GPs.

    I know not everyone has had a positive experience of the NHS but surely we should be looking at why, and making improvements instead of cutting funding and then demonising the people who work there for trying to do the bet they can in ridiculous circumstances.

    Bashing Mumsnet and doing the “kids of today” rant really isn’t relevant…

  4. Sadeyedladyofthelowlands

    Oh Cam, you got flamed, did you? Hang about on MN for a while. We’re not the Boden wearing, Chelsea tractor driving, organic cous cous cooking, lollo rosso loving, middle class Cath Kidston wearing collective we’re portrayed as.

    We’re just a bunch of people who don’t put up with crap, not from journalists, not from politicians, not from ‘experts’ and especially not from each other. And we do lovely things too – google MN woolly hugs for proof. We also talk about bum sex, puking, and cake.

  5. AussieDad

    Not a journalist. A Murdoch employee.

  6. Ellie.

    Would you be surprised to know, CAM, that these vicious bullies of whom you speak have, over the past year or so, knitting upwards of 15 blankets, that have been given to mumsnetters families who have lost a child or a partner, plus the smaller blankets that have been sent to York Hill Childrens hospital in Glasgow, to be given to sick children as comfort blankets, and the tiny white blankets that have been sent to a London Hospital, for them to wrap up premature babies who have sadly died, so that they don’t have to be given to their grieving parents wrapped in a towel. And now a new project to knit blankets going to Africa for children with cancer?

    No? You didn’t know about these? Look up Woolly Hugs, Mini Hugs, Angel Hugs and Billie’s Blankets.

    And while you are there, take a moment or two to look through the site at the huge amount of support given to parents of children with special needs, bereaved parents, people with mental health issues, and people suffering domestic violence and emotional abuse, amongst many others – and look at the people who have met other mumsnetters and found true friendship – and maybe you will see why your characterisation of Mumsnetters is nothing more than a lazy generalisation.

  7. Gareth

    yes, that’s right, Mumsnet are to blame for violent children.
    No need for me to waste time on you, I see others have covered it well enough ;)

  8. Loulou

    Anybody that really used MN would know that this ‘Boden wearing, lentil weaving, men hating ‘ diatribe is not true.

    The majority of MNetters are witty, lovely, kind hearted and speak their mind. Many of them would drag you out of a hole that you were in.

    Join up and see for yourself. You might like us.

  9. Esme

    Guessing you got a flaming then, Cam? It’s only ever the people that get shot down and can’t take it that go off complaining about bullying on a forum…

    Mumsnet does amazing things. The campaigns they are involved in, and those organised via Mumsnet are superb. Woolly Hugs is breath taking with the amount of lives it had touched.

    And when I moved into my first home, as a young, single mother, complete strangers kitted half my house for me. Kitchen equipment, lamp shades, bedding – and then one amazing individual gave me a bookcase for my son, and a sofa. She wouldn’t take any money for it.

    It’s far from a bullying ground. It’s full of kindness and wit and support.

  10. MadameOvary

    Journalists love to portray Mumsnetters as Boden-loving yummy mummies sneering at everyone. Your loss if you can’t be arsed to find out otherwise. It certainly would have been my loss if I hadn’t posted on their boards and got the help and advice I desperately needed. Did I ever get a flaming? Yes I did. Otherwise known as “Telling you stuff you don’t want to hear”.

    I dont own any Boden products, I’m too much of a old Goth for Cath Kidston and I can’t knit, yogurt or otherwise.

  11. NicholasTeakozy

    Wow, I almost felt sorry for Zoe. Almost. She is working for the Daily Heil after all. It’s a rare event on Mumsnet when you see a pile on like that. Bloody gratifying when it’s a journo trying to put down the NHS though.

  12. mollymod1

    Think any group of women are stereotyped by the media WI, mumsnet, mothers union, each one conjurs up an image planted by said media or maybe even a limited personal knowledge. It’s a great way to prevent unity and solidarity if you portray strong outspoken groups in a negative manner. It makes everyone believe that the ‘left’ (everyone) can’t be united against this control and theft of the things that are precious to us.

  13. Lady Millwood-Sinclair

    I am too scared to go on mumsnet….i am a bit of a yoghurt weaver but these gals are hardcore….They could lead a revolution in this country, a bloody one certainly but i would prefer them in power than the current people who are just psychopaths really.As long as I didnt have to try and join their clique -I would fail – I think they would do a good job.Just dont let them be nasty to me please.

  14. Bodenfreeandproud

    Poor Cam. Did someone point out you were being unreasonable? Nobody likes articulate women unafraid to comment on an open forum. A lot of people find the idea of women with views that aren’t Daily Mail approved really quite scary and misinterpret that as bullying.

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