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The Daily Shame | October 13, 2015

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Southwark Council social cleansing project ‘looking good’ say suddenly rich councillors

Southwark Council social cleansing project ‘looking good’ say suddenly rich councillors

The worst thing about poors, right, is NOT the smell or the constant need for pennies to pay “rent” or whatever it is they pay for. Noooo, it’s the fact that they insist on living down south, where they don’t belong.

The south is no place for poor people. They come here thinking “oh it’s all paved with gold” and it’s not, because poors have been coming down from the soot-infested north with their pigs trotter shavings and their coal and stuff, and we had to get rid of the gold. They would have nicked it all anyway. Damn poors. What’s more, London’s a tourist attraction, not a home to poor people. We can’t have Vladimir Rich-Pants coming in and having to look at people in tracksuits.

So BIG UP to Southwark Council for their social cleansing project which will spend £1.5bn on getting rid of the ‘should-be-northeners’, including £44m just for demolishing their homes. Of course, Southwark Council is only getting £50m from this project, the rest is going to private developers, hurrah!

Councillor Fiona Colley said that the council is “very happy with the deal we’ve done”, but of course they would be. They’re getting rid of poors! No more Poundland shops, no more 99p stores, hello John Lewis! No more Cash Converters, hello Laura Ashley. Maybe. I don’t know. We’ll have to ask them why they’ve decided to evict poors and sell the land off to private property developers with next to no social housing.

So anyway, the Heygate Estate is gone, and 1200 residents were chucked out. But you know, they weren’t going to get homes there, because these are for the kind of people we want. Desirables. Those who don’t think of Wonga as “a funny word for money”.

Now, the council originally promised that 35% of the housing there would be ‘social housing’, but you know what, decimal points get misplaced and figures get misquoted and the fact that it’s only 3.1% is neither HERE NOR THERE. Frankly, the important thing is that Southwark have got rid of their poors and their screaming Jaydens and Jades, FOR SOCIAL GOOD.

Now, the alternative point of view is that we have to maintain our ‘poors economy’, and how are we going to do that if they’re comfortable? How on earth is the ‘guaranteed loans’ market going to thrive if we don’t evict a few poors here and there?

Christ, if we’re giving people tax-payer’s money for their benefits, then how are our friends at Wonga going to make, erm, more wonga? Tell you what, we’ll just stop the benefits, chuck them out, and our friends at Wonga will make even more wonga, and it doesn’t matter because they’re only poors and they don’t know how to vote.

And before anyone jumps on the “oh they hate Tories” bandwagon, let’s underline the point that this is a Labour council acting like a bunch of money-grabbing fucknuggets, turfing out the poors and sending them to Stoke or wherever it is poors go these days, who knows. Oh, and the Labour Council leader is under investigation from receiving gifts from Lend Lease and not declaring one of them. So they’re in their pockets, too.

I bet they’re even behind this rhetoric that says poor people are poor through their own fault. They need to pick themselves up, get on a bike and find a job, and so on and so on. If that’s the alternative to the ConDems, it’s not a very happy picture post 2015, is it.

Let’s add to that the fact that these councillors in charge are in charge of SUMS and stuff. You know, money. How to make more of it. So they’ve spent £44m turfing poors out (and therefore making it smell better or whatevs) but they’ve also lost more money by not receiving council tax.

In short, Southwark Council are not fit for purpose because they’re only interested in getting their little kickbacks from property developers. The result? Less money coming in to their coffers, and more money for Wonga. Or maybe, just maybe, that’s what the stupid fuckers wanted.

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