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The Daily Shame | September 2, 2015

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Kids don’t hate us for smacking them, they hate themselves.

Kids don’t hate us for smacking them, they hate themselves.

When you first hold your baby, what do you feel?  Do you feel like you’ve just been hit with the biggest responsibility of your life?  Do you look down at that soft, helpless little bundle in your arms and feel a desperate need to protect him or her from anything and everyone bad in the world?  Of course you do.  You wrap your little one carefully in a blanket and wish the very best for them forever.

Or…maybe you look at them and think…do you know what?  I can’t wait for this thing to get a bit bigger so I can belt it round the face as hard as I can.

Oh…you don’t?  Bloody good job!

The truth is, if any parents witnessed one of their children, however old, being smacked across the face by a complete stranger they’d go absolutely mad. So why would they want to do it themselves?

I remember Jack Dee making a very good observation a few years back and that was…why do parents take their kids to supermarkets just to smack them?  It was meant as a joke, but it’s a very sad fact that a lot of parents will actually take a heavy-handed swipe at their kids in full view of anybody watching.

Are these parents proud of their behaviour?  Seems so. You see, they don’t want you to miss out, so they’ll usually alert you a few seconds beforehand with a loud and inarticulate “Do what you’re fuckin’ well told!”.  Yep…you know what I’m saying.

I don’t know what’s worse…watching a young child scream in agony after being shaken roughly by their clothes and banged up against a window, or seeing them so used to being shoved along the road with a jabbing fist in their back to hurry them up, they hardly react at all.  In either case, that child has neither the size nor strength to fight back and defend themselves.

So, even with the laws on smacking we already have…there are still parents willing to show off their parenting skills by shouting profanities at small children while also administering a harsh blow to the head.  Very brave.

Yes…and it IS very brave.  Not because the ‘naughty little bastards’ might hit back, but because it’s already illegal to attack your own child.

I have news for these parents.  It’s actually illegal to attack ANYONE.

Laws on smacking?  How about the laws we already have to deter people from beating each other up?  Do they not count where children are concerned?   In other words…two adults slapping each other in the street is not okay, but one adult slapping a small child is?  This is ludicrous!

When you think about it…if these parents can release such aggression in the middle of a shopping centre, in full view of anyone present, what might they be capable of at home…behind closed doors?

Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice, wants to give parents back the power to smack they’ve been stripped of for years.  Power?  You mean the power to attack a human being who is smaller and weaker than they are?  Well… that’s what he’s advocating here.  Yes, I understand a soft tap on the hand or even a small smack, within reason, can sometimes be necessary, but not everybody can restrain themselves.

To give an adult permission to demean their own child by causing physical and mental harm will never be a respected form of punishment and if Chris Grayling thinks he’s doing the right thing by encouraging it, he’s obviously never been slapped about in Asda or dragged screaming out of a car by his hair.

Parents who want to smack their kids are already doing it AND MORE so legalizing it will only serve to reinforce to those parents they’re doing the right thing.

If, Mr Grayling, you’ve ever observed a parent laying into their kid, for no other reason other than they’ve done a shit job of bringing them up in the first place, and championed their actions…shame on you…really.

Children have little to base their opinion of themselves on, other than the way their parents treat them.  They are not possessions to be physically abused as and when we feel like it.  We do not have the right to hurt a child, purely because we are their mother or father.  They are to be cherished, nurtured and made to feel proud of themselves, not beaten into submission by the very people who should be doing their very best to protect them from harm.

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