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The Daily Shame | August 29, 2015

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Chris Joannides, comedian councillor, is just misunderstood

Chris Joannides, comedian councillor, is just misunderstood

Oh, you’re such opportunists, the lot of you. Hang your heads.

No, really, the very minute a Tory councillor makes a stupid mistake on social media, you’re all onto him like a PACK OF DOGS, tearing him apart because he’s, like, dumb or stupid or racist or whatevs. Like with Chris Joannides, Conservative Councillor for Enfield, who went on the Facebook recently to post a picture of a woman in a burkha and her child standing next to some bin bags.

Now, hold your sides, for they may quite literally split – Chris Joannides said: “I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn’t have to get all pissed off and threaten me. It was an honest mistake!”

When you’ve calmed down from that raucous laughter, shall we reconvene?

You back?

Good… now you lefty reactionist kneejerkers, just because he’s YET ANOTHER Tory Councillor doesn’t mean you can jump on the bandwagon. I can see you, straining at the leash, but no, not us. Not us here at the Daily Shame.

We think that Chris Joannides is basically misunderstood. Where as you’re there thinking “he’s a bigot, he’s racist, he’s completely wrong”, you’re totally, completely wrong about Chris. He’s just a cunt.

That’s all he is. Just a cunt.

It seems any stupid fucker can become a councillor these days. Here’s Chris Joannides posting about WHAT A HARD LIFE it is being in politics and shit:

It’s Friday night and I’ve just finished attending a resident’s meeting… I expect to be rewarded at the ballot box for my service to the community which is eating my social life.’

Yeah, damn that job that you got elected to (somehow). Damn it. Damn the way you have to listen to the people who made the mistake of voting you into this job that you really hate. Damn their whining about hedges and bus stops. Damn their stupid little lives – you could be sat at home instead watching Man Vs Food eating pizza and wanking into a paper cup.

That was the meeting that he claimed he would be ‘surfing on FB’ so he could catch up with the football scores.

What a bloke! And that comment about the bin bags? Blokeish banter! Or… as he later claimed, it was a comment about islamophobia and the demonisation of women in our society today. You see, not only is Chris Joannides a cunt, he’s a DEEP CUNT. He has deep thoughts. Deep, inpenetrable thoughts about society and the way we live.

The problem is, they’re so deep that not even Chris can get at them. In trying to do so, he simply blurts out crap instead. What Chris really meant to say was “I disagree entirely with the wearing of burkhas because they demean women, but I don’t want to offend my Islamic friends, of which I have many”. Instead he said “hahahahaha, look at that! They look like bin bags. FUCKING HILARIOUS!”

People of Enfield, you elected him. What’s wrong with you? Don’t you care?

Clearly not…

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