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The Daily Shame | September 1, 2015

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An open letter to Aidan Burley on benefits

An open letter to Aidan Burley on benefits

Dear Aidan,

Hello! Kisses! It’s been SO LONG since we wrote to you, we feel awful that we haven’t kept up the comms, Aidan. Then again, you’ve gone relatively quiet of late, haven’t you, what with all of this BAITING and stuff that went on after the Olympics. That was horrible, wasn’t it. Just horrible. We hope you’re HAVING A GREAT TIME seeing out your term as MP for Cannock Chase.

Anyhoo, there we were, just catching up on you (stalking), and we saw this:

Oh, Aidan. You haven’t fallen for this lie as well, have you? We thought better of you. We thought you had reformed. We thought “that Aidan Burley, he’s not as bad as everyone (and we) used to say. He’s seen the light.”

But you haven’t, Aidan. You’ve fallen for the lie that benefits claimants are shirkers. You’ve fallen for the story that ONE MAN refused a job because he would have had to get there for 8 in the morning. Yes, he was lazy, but that does not mean that everyone else is lazy.

Still, you’re a Conservative, so rhetoric and divisiveness is probably in your blood. However, your party published some statistics. The Department of Work and Pensions published some proper statistics about benefits that you don’t see fit to talk about because it doesn’t fit your Nazi-style division of “those who try” from “those who don’t try”.

You see, within this little division, you seem to equate “those who try” with “those who aren’t on benefits”, and also “those who don’t try” to “those who are on benefits”. But you’re not a 3-year-old, Aidan. You can see shades of grey, not just black and white. You can discern DETAIL rather than saying “these are all bastards here” and “these are the good people here”. Some people are in between.

You know those statistics better than I, and you – as a politician – should know better than to create divisions within the society YOU GOVERN in order to push through the £3bn savings that you need to cover the £3bn cost of a tax cut to millionaires.

Now – here’s the nub. We all accept that demographic change over the years should result in changes to the welfare system. Everyone accepts that. It’s your job to do something about it – and wouldn’t it be great if you came up with a solution that would help the unemployed find jobs, instead of punishing them. I mean, Aidan, I’m not in government. I’m not a politician, but if I were, that’s what I’d be trying to do. More carrot, less stick.

Stop creating unpaid jobs that require people to go on benefits while you whip them with the stick for being on benefits. You created the unpaid jobs. It’s your fault.

Stop spinning the lie that most people on benefits are shirkers. They’re the elderly. They’re the infirm. They’re the sick. They’re the carers who look after the elderly. They’re people on wages so low that they can’t pay their rent. They work long hours, they have children, they need housing benefit. Yes, SOME PEOPLE are defrauding the system, and SOME PEOPLE need locking up for doing so. SOME PEOPLE don’t want to work.

But that’s not all people, and it’s not even ANYWHERE NEAR the majority. You, Aidan, know that, and shame on you for not saying it. Instead, you’re happy to stand up and bellow about ONE MAN who wouldn’t take a job because he’s lazy. You say you stand up for hardworking people, but what about the people who are unable to work? What about those who want to, but can’t find jobs because 10 applicants go for every job in their area? What about the people too ill to work. They’re not hardworking, have you abandoned them?

You’re in government, Aidan. Stop carping, stop dividing, stop blaming, and start doing something positive for once. We look to you for solutions, not division. We look to you for answers, not smear campaigns against your own electorate. It’s a position of responsibility, Aidan, and you’re being irresponsible.

We hoped for more from you, we really did.

And Aidan, if you really want to carry on this divisive rhetoric about “them” and “us”, then you can go back to the shop you hired your Nazi suit from and wear it every day, because it would really, really suit you better. #justsaying

Love, hugs and kisses,

All of us at the Daily Shame xxxx



  1. Brian

    His contribution to the debate summed him up beautifully.

    A man who has threatened legal action to people on Twitter and in the media for judging him on one (ok, maybe more than 1) incident, judging an entire group of people on one incident.

    Roll on the years to come where his name is merely a stain on the history book of Cannock Chase.

  2. Gareth

    Hey, that’s our friend Aidan you’re attacking there!
    Yep, he’s a fool and soon to be a jobless one, at that. Two more years…

  3. christian dabnor

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