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The Daily Shame | October 7, 2015

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Oh Charles, you shouldn’t have

Oh Charles, you shouldn’t have

The Prince of Wales has done his bit for the taxpayer by visiting St Asaph. As flood victims slogged through the damage caused by around three feet of floodwater, the Prince arrived in a double-breasted camel coat to shake their hands, and console them.

With over 180 homes flooded, thousands were left homeless and destitute. Beginning his visit at the Roe Park estate, the prince pivoted through damaged homes and displaced personal belongings, apparently asking after what needed repairing.

Nothing a couple of years’ worth of Sovereign grant can’t cover?

He also met with the family of a pensioner who is presumed to have drowned in her own home. He condoled them with, yes, that haemorrhoid face and that healing royal handshake.

It is reassuring to see such display of compassion, and gratitude. Of course being spotted by the Media has little to do with it. That would just be cynical.

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