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The Daily Shame | October 7, 2015

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Liars – Statistics and Science team up to prove Hunt and Cameron very wrong indeed

Liars – Statistics and Science team up to prove Hunt and Cameron very wrong indeed

Now, nobody likes children who tell porky pies, do they. Children who tell lies have to go to bed early, with no supper, and certainly no chocolate. I was a prolific liar as a child, I was. “Yes, I’ve eaten all my greens” (they were in the plant pot)… “Yes, I did get 10 out of 10 in that test” (I marked it myself, except that Kimberley Beck told everyone I was marking myself up so I got found out in this case).

So nobody likes David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt who have been exposed as big fat smelly liars by their own statistics watchdog, the UK Statistics Authority. For the last two years, old porky-faced Cameron and his corrupt, private healthcare racketeer sidekick Jeremy Hunt have been banging on about how they’re not cutting spending in the NHS.

Cameron even used it in one of his airbrushed campaign photos, saying “I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”. Wrong on both counts, then, porky face. Andrew Dilnot, head of the UK Statistics Authority, felt he had to even WRITE A LETTER (and who does that nowadays unless they’re REALLY angry) saying that they’re telling lies and that actually, they’ve cut spending on the NHS.

Funny that, isn’t it. Because the Daily Mail’s been running this propaganda about how the NHS is killing people and the nurses are really mean and hateful and spiteful. Even today there’s an article about how they’re really horrible and unfeeling. Or another about how they’re COMPLETELY UNPREPARED for sick people. You really ought to go private, like that lovely Kate, you know. Kate with the most hyper-protected foetus in the country, she knows where it’s at. Private. It’s great.

Because the NHS is getting all this money and they’re wallowing in it and laughing at you sick people. Hahahaha, sick people. We poke you in the eye.

Except that they’re not getting all this money, are they. Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron have been bullshitting you (but 35% of you will still vote for them, despite this). Even now, they’re insisting, despite this letter from a guy who does nothing but statistics, that the statistics are wrong and that it’s Labour’s fault.

What a pair of lying, shameful wankers.

And what of the Minister for Hating Culture and People Who Like Culture, Maria Miller? Well, she was the Minister for Hating Women a while back and she said that the 24-week limit for abortion should be lowered because she hated pregnant people (apart from Kate, we guess). Well, Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron (yes, those two) said that she was right, probably because they too hate pregnant women. And women in general.

Anyhoo, what say you, Science? No proof that lowering it will have any effect? From the Independent:

The results show that survival has improved for babies born at gestations above 24 weeks – but not below it. This suggests the threshold marks a natural limit for survival outside the womb.

Take that Miller! Science 1, Miller 0. In fact, make that Science 10, Miller 0, because frankly, Miller’s an expert at own goals and being plain fucking stupid.

So, off to bed, the three of you. You lied, and you keep on lying, because it suits you and your private healthcare donors who continue to benefit (except for the guy at Circle who has had to quit, oh dear, maybe it’s not so good going private after all).

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