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The Daily Shame | October 13, 2015

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Boris and Evgeny go on holiday together, have lots of laughs, ruffle each other’s hair

Boris and Evgeny go on holiday together, have lots of laughs, ruffle each other’s hair

I went on holiday earlier this year. It was quite nice. You know, some time with the family, a bit of sunshine (yes, it was abroad), and I only checked my work e-mail once during that week off. It’s nice to get away, isn’t it. I believe the ‘tourism industry’ is burgeoning these days. We all like a good holiday.

Anyhoo, I got an e-mail from Evgeny Lebedev the other day, and it said “Priviet, dear Shame, fancy a holiday away together? I’ll do cooking, have got hot tub. Think about it.”

And I thought about it and then I thought “nawwww, not for me” as I’m not really that bothered about going away on holiday with the owner of the Evening Standard and the Independent. He’d be talking shop all day, wouldn’t he. No, that’s not much of a holiday. And I don’t like hot tubs. Not my thing. Would rather go away with the family.

Mind you, Boris Johnson, the “hilarious” London Mayor who could one day be our Prime Minister, must have got the same e-mail because he popped over to Perugia, using those free tickets provided by Lebedev (he has a private plane, apparently). Boris and Evgeny must have had LOADS of laughs over there in that Perugia, because they spent two nights together, doing I don’t know what, ruffling each other’s hair?

Maybe Boris wanted to “flag it up” to Evgeny that he was somehow involved with Leveson, but he didn’t really need to stoop to Joanna Hindley levels of aggression what with the Standard already so far up Boris’ over-sized arse that they’re practically hanging out of his mouth.

Not that Boris and the Standard are SO FUCKING CLOSE that you would have to surgically remove one from the other, like Kenny Dalglish and his coat. Oh no, they’re two separate things and are not metaphorically bumming each other… and Boris’ appointment of former Standard editor Veronica Wadley in a £95k a year post followed a thorough recruitment process that only saw NO ONE ELSE interviewed for the position because Veronica Wadley was so fucking good. Like, really bloody good. She turned up to the “interview” wearing a Boris wig, and did cartwheels apparently.

But of course, BoJo was there in a “private capacity” whatever that means. You’d have thought he might have been wallowing in Evgeny’s private pool, or lounging on a, erm, sun lounger. Didn’t sound very private to me… City Hall said this:

“The Mayor was in Perugia in a private capacity, at the invitation of Mr Lebedev. He used the invitation as an opportunity to relentlessly promote his vision for London, as he has done on many other occasions with many other media proprietors and editors over many years.”

Press… Politicians… Getting too close… Leveson? Dunno, I’m just piecing things together here. Just putting two and two together and getting the answer that Boris Johnson is sidling up to members of the press the media so that he can get more favourable coverage. And those members of the press and the media are SO PLEASED with BoJo that they fly him out at their expense to wallow around in their hot tubs, eat their olives and rub sun tan lotion into their back by the pool saying “up a bit, Boris, down a bit, up a bit…”.

So really, my question is – what has Boris done to Evgeny that means Evgeny will fly him out to Perugia for two days? Or… what does Evgeny want from Boris?

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