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The Daily Shame | October 6, 2015

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Get back to work, all 2.3% of you (unless you’re disabled in which case haha no job for you)

Get back to work, all 2.3% of you (unless you’re disabled in which case haha no job for you)

I love a success story, me. Just love it. None of that “we hate it when our friends become successful” Morrissey-style angst over success for me, oh no. I’m with the Yanks on this one. Love a bit of success.

That’s why I was leaping for joy when I heard that the back to work scheme was such a success. Yes, they said it was so, therefore it must be true. A raving, raging, bonanza of a success full of achievement and joy and wonderment at how well they’ve done. Considering they’ve been given £450m to be successful in getting people back to work, they have every right to be happy.

What’s that? You don’t think 2.3% is a huge number? Well, everything’s relative. I mean, compared to ZERO it’s a fucking HUGE number. This £450m work programme managed to get 2.3% of benefit claimants back into work for more than six months.

And if they’d done nothing? Well, 5% would have got jobs.

So actually, Iain Duncan Fuckwit-Smith has spent £450m on making it HARDER for people to get work, therefore pushing them into benefits which he’s taking away because he’s a mindless thug and hates poor people. What does Iain Duncan Fuckwit-Smith think about the project right now? Well, let’s go hear from his stupid mouth:

It is over two years so it is on track. I think the programme’s doing well.

Now, let’s reflect on some recent polling, shall we? 35% of people in a recent poll said that they would vote Conservative. Really? 35% of you think that THIS is the kind of government you want? You’re all fucking stupid, all 35% of you, then.

Anyhoo, back to the unemployed, and let’s go up to Remploy, shall we? You remember Remploy? The government shut them down because they decided that disabled people are crap at having jobs and shouldn’t have them. Here’s Remploy Healthcare, then, who sold the “front end” of their business and made 50 disabled people unemployed.

They could have sold it to a Middlesborough businessman, but they instead sold it to someone called R Healthcare who refused to protect the jobs, so actually, if you think about it, the government is directly responsible for these people losing their jobs. The DWP (that’s Iain Duncan Fuckwit-Smith), said they were “satisfied” with the takeover process, saying it has been “robust and transparent”.

Not it fucking hasn’t. It’s been anything but. It was designed to profit a few people, with total disregard for the majority.

Now, we’re no economists here at the Daily Shame, but we figure that if you have more people in work, then you have more people paying taxes and you have more people buying shit from Tesco which keeps the economy afloat, and you also pay less in benefits. Has Iain Duncan Fuckwit-Smith not read “The economy for dummies?”

No of course not, because he’s a fucking idiot. He’s wasted £450m on a back to work scheme that would have achieved MORE if he’d done NOTHING, and in the meantime, disabled people who had jobs, have been made redundant because a few people wanted to make a few more pennies.

The Tory Party – built on a solid foundation of cunts. And 35% of you want to vote for them. Fucking stupid. Now fuck off.


  1. extremereading

    I may be wrong but I think the 2.3% refers to the 2.3% of those who were part of the scheme, not 2.3% of the total unemployed. Always a good idea to get these facts right – even when they are as depressing as these.

  2. paula

    Brilliant, haven’t laughed so much in years, shame its so true.

  3. BROKEN BRITAIN UNDER TORIES – ULTIMATE CONTROL We are all concerned about the Benefit Cuts ,that is at the forefront of people’s minds at present ,but while we are concentrating on that issue don’t think the Government are idle doing nothing else behind our backs ,the Tories are planning on political regionalisation ,reform of the House of Lords ,a new British Constitution ,we think we our being subjugated now ,this will give them absolute Legal power over us ,and people scoff that we are getting to be like Germany was .Police commissioners are only the start .

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