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The Daily Shame | October 9, 2015

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Now you can troll Louise Mensch on another site

Now you can troll Louise Mensch on another site
Troll her here

Troll her here

Happy days for Louise Mensch’s growing army of trolls – the Top Tory Totty has launched her own social networking website.

It’s a revolution, you see. You’ll never have heard of anything like this. Are you sitting down?

It’s called “Micro Blogging”, and you can write up to 180 characters at a time, and subscribe to what’s called ‘feeds’. So you can, like, follow people – and they tweet – oops, shit – I meant mention stuff. It’ll be a place where people can CHAT ONLINE. A sort of “internet chat room”.

Like I said, revolutionary. Never been seen before. God, I wish I’d thought of it.

She’s called it – it’s like “mention” and it’s also like her name. Did you get that? Menshn – Mensch – Mention. Brilliant.

So… despite having 60,000 Twitter followers, she’s gone off and made her own Twitter. Primarily because 59,000 of those followers are TROLLS. When you sign up to, which you can only do if you’re American (because all Brits are TROLLS), you get to follow 100 people that Louise Mensch has deemed worthy of following. It must take ages to go through deleting them all.

Anyway, her hope is that it will be less random than Twitter. Two things here: Twitter is random because you follow any old shit. That’s what happens. And your new site is going to be ruined by TROLLS.

That’s the internet. That’s why you can’t have nice things. Anything good is immediately seized upon by idiots. A bit like people who clone Twitter.

That said, good luck to her.


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